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Why Would Anyone Want to Own a Birth Doula Business?

A Birth Business with Flexibility and Unlimited Options

I frequently get asked why I am so passionate about birth. What is the big draw for me? 

What do I find that is so fascinating about it? Why would anyone want to be a doula? Finding a career that allows me to do what I love and generate an income at the same time is nothing short of a miracle. Being able to plan and schedule appointments and adjust your own calendar as needed is a definite perk to having a birth doula business. There are so many different professions and jobs available both on site and online, so how do you decide which one is best for you?

Witnessing a birth is a miracle

Well, I will tell you, there is nothing more amazing to me then to be able to be present and witness the miracle of birth. A woman’s body is designed to give birth, it knows exactly what it needs to do for the miracle to occur. The challenge comes in letting our mind acknowledge that fact and surrender to the process.

Every Labor and Birth is Different

As a labor doula, I have learned how to get into the zone and in tune with the laboring woman. Empowering her to find her inner strength will allow her to bring her child into the world. This is both challenging and exhilarating to me! Every single birth is different, no two women labor exactly alike and no two births are identical, you never get tired of helping a woman as she labors because every labor and birth is different and exciting! There is always something new to learn and experience as I tend to women who are laboring.

The Rewards are Great

There is nothing more rewarding then to listen to a woman share her birth story after delivery as she proclaims to the world, “I did it! I gave birth to this magnificent tiny human being”. With this new found inner strength she will now take on the role of becoming a mother. How can one help but feel full and satisfied at a job well done, knowing that in some small way you helped to influence the experience and helped a child get a wonderful beginning to its life?

Doula training is reasonable

Can you tell by now that helping women in labor has been my passion? When I learned that the training to become a labor doula was minimal and affordable and that it would not require me to have a medical license or expensive college education to do it, I was immediately attracted and wanted to learn more about this field so I could have my own birth doula business.

Making an Income as a Birth Doula

Can you picture yourself in the role of owning your own birth doula business? Imagine finding out that your very dream of being able to help women during labor and birth, being present at the moment of delivery, and witnessing the miracle of birth can all be a part of your reality too. The beauty of it is that you can make this dream a reality for you and start bringing in your own income while doing it!

Endless opportunities await

Owning your own birth doula business, and being your own boss is a magnet that draws many women to this field. The opportunities are endless and the chance of success is high. I was hesitant to believe that I could actually make money to supplement my income by being a birth doula when I first started out, but now there are so many women who are doing this full time it’s amazing.